We are delighted to receive a donation from NFU to fund work with children and young adults

We are delighted to have received a generous donation of £3225.81 from NFU Mutual’s Agency Giving Fund – a £2million national fund to deliver rural support to communities that have been impacted by Covid. To ensure that the funds reach all corners of the UK, NFU Mutual’s Agents have been given the opportunity to nominate local charities.

David Parrish from the Carlisle Agency of NFU Mutual nominated us saying, “We are very grateful for the wonderful work your charity is undertaking to support our community at this difficult time.”

The welcome donation will be spent on two Summer School sessions of youth theatre for children and young people with additional needs. The sessions will be led by Kate Robinson, a creative facilitator, performer and Prism Arts’ own Participant Support Lead. Kate has over 7 years’ experience of leading inclusive and engaging creative workshops with a special interest in performance.
“We are thrilled to have been given this donation from NFU Mutual and we are so grateful for their support. I’m so excited to be able to deliver these youth theatre sessions as it’s been such a long time since we’ve been able to get a group of young people in the building. Participants will be given a mysterious box that is full of ‘possibilities and options.’ What will happen when they open the box? We’ll explore movement, shape and drama over two days of workshops which will end with a short performance created by the group.” – Kate Robinson

The sessions are part of a two week summer programme of creative workshops. See http://prismarts.org.uk/join-us/summer-school-2021/  for details of how to take part.

The NFU is an award-winning national insurance company offering coverage for businesses, properties, vehicles and more. It has over 300 local agents. The Carlisle office is based at the Rosehill Industrial Estate. Find out more about the NFU Mutual’s Agency Giving Fund here: https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/about-us/the-nfu-mutual-agency-giving-fund/

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