Support the Prism Arts Staff Fundraising Challenge

Active August. Bitts Park Challenge. Prism Arts. Image includes a group of diverse artists in Bitts Park, Carlisle.
Prism Arts staff and artists are kickstarting #ActiveAugust by doing laps of the Bitts Park circuit on August 2nd 2023 to raise money for our charity!
We will be doing as many laps of Bitts Park as we can in two hours, with intervals of movement challenges by a local performing artist.
Your donation will support Prism Arts through the cost-of-living crisis as our running costs increase. We are a charity that provides life-changing opportunities to neurodivergent and disabled creatives in Cumbria. Read about our impact here.
This event will kickstart Active August, a month-long fundraiser which encourages people in the local area to raise money for Prism Arts by doing active challenges. Take part now!

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