Studio Theatre is back in session!

This morning we welcomed our participant artists back to Studio Theatre for the start of a new year of sessions!

This year we will be focussing on Theatre Skills.

The group will work together to build their performance, projection, voice, movement, action, focus and teamwork skills.

Every session will also include time to learn about other theatre groups and practitioners, to be inspired and learn how they might apply what they do, to their own practice. Throughout the year they will be visiting different types of theatres, spaces and stages to meet other practitioners (including an opera singer!).

Each of our participant artists will be facilitated to reflect on their practice and decide how they would like to develop over the year. They will be encouraged to decide on the content of the sessions and be supported to work on their own theatre projects either as individuals or as a group.

Similarly to Studio Arts, the Studio Theatre group will also be looking at identity in terms of how they are identified as individuals and as a group. They too have an Instagram account which they can use to reach the public in however way they decide as a group (follow them here @prismstudiotheatre).

Today we watched Candoco Dance Company’s piece, “Unspoken Spoken” (click here to see the amazing piece for yourself, there is even a an audio described version which we were very grateful for which you can see here). We created our own piece inspired by it, you can see a short piece of it below.


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