Studio Arts is back in session!

This morning we welcomed our participant artists back to Studio Arts for the start of a new year of sessions!

The start of this year is focussed on Creative Identity.

During this time our participant artists will discuss their own creative identity and what that means to them. They will look over their work to date and decide how they would like to progress as artists.

They will also be looking at their identity as a group and making decisions on how they would like to present themselves and their work to to the public. They will be facilitated to decide if they would like a group name and manifesto. This will also include plans for marketing as the group now has their own Instagram account (follow them here –

We aim to create an online shop to sell our participant artists work in the not too distant future. Preparation for this will begin this year as we work with our participant artists to begin the planning.

During sessions this year, our participant artists will have the chance to work in new ways and discover new creative artforms like working on a huge scale, creating installations and making sound art.

We are currently looking for volunteer trustees to join our board, for more information please click here.

Here are some photos from todays session for you to enjoy

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