“Prism Arts has been life-changing for Emma”


Read Emma’s story of how Prism Arts helped her develop confidence after lockdown, and a “deep sense of pride that hadn’t been there before”


Emma, 42, is a Prism Artist who began her journey with us not too long ago in September 2021. Prior to Prism Arts Emma’s mum, Claire, shared with us some of the hardships Emma faced:

Emma, a Prism Artist, singing with her arms outstretched and other members of the group at her side.

“She had been in lockdown for a very long time, and it had been very difficult for her as she doesn’t cope well with changes.

When she was offered a space at Prism Arts, it came at a very good time for her. Emma was delighted to start at Prism Arts and enjoyed it from the start. She thrives on being given achievable challenges.


Emma began attending Studio Theatre every Friday. Very quickly, she became a much-loved member of the group, showing off her wonderful sense of humour and warm personality.

During sessions, she delved into her creative self in a way she never had before, developing her dancing, singing, acting and storytelling skills. Emma explains:


“I get a lot of pleasure making things and taking part in performances. I learn a lot of new things. I like to talk about what I am doing at Prism Arts. I like it when family and carers are invited to see my work – this makes me proud and boosts my confidence.

Prism Arts is exciting and makes me feel happy. I have friends at Prism Arts and we laugh”


A lady constructing a withy sculpture from withy sticks
A lady spray painting on a large canvas
A lady spray painting on a large canvas

“I have learned that I am good at art, and that I enjoy art very much.”

After such a positive first year in 2022, Emma was keen to begin to try more at Prism Arts. So when we launched Studio Focus, another visual arts day, Emma jumped at the chance! Now on Thursdays, she is able to develop her art skills, creating gorgeous textile pieces, sculptures and paintings.


“I was happy to cancel my college group and attend Prism Arts (on Thursdays). I enjoy all of the activities I do at Prism Arts. There is always something of interest to everyone.

I have learned that I am good at art, and that I enjoy art very much. Recently I have taken up crafts such as knitting and sewing. All of the activities are person-centred and I like to learn this way.


“I have seen massive changes in Emma since being at Prism Arts”

Claire has noticed a difference in Emma since attending on Thursdays and Fridays:

I have seen massive changes in Emma since being at Prism Arts. Her physical skills have been improved greatly. Her painting, sewing and knitting etc are now very good.

But most important changes have been in the growth in her self-confidence, the pride she takes in the work she produces and her ability to make choices and not to repeat the last option prescribed to her.

Emma likes to do things herself as far as she is able, although her capabilities are very limited. The Prism Arts staff have helped her produce her own work. Their assistance for her to achieve has been brilliant. She has a deep sense of pride that wasn’t there before. She has loved being part of fashion shows, being a ghost, spray painting, audio groups, singing groups, the Hadrian’s Wall project, to name a few.

These changes have come about because of the staff she works with.


Claire also shared with us her hopes for Emma going forward:

“My hopes for Emma are that she continues to grow in self- confidence, enjoying working in teams and being willing to give anything new a go because she knows she will receive the help for her to do it herself. Prism Arts has been life changing for Emma.

A woman holding a large, orange and yellow painting.