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Brickyard Poster Commission

Brickyard Poster Commision 2021 Artform: Visual Art People involved: Prism Arts Studio Arts We worked

Endless Waters

Endless Waters 2021 Project Partner: Wordsworth Trust Artform: Visual Art Participants: Studio Arts Studio Arts were invited

Thriving Communities

Prism Arts is delighted to be part of the new partnership developing accessible cultural experiences

Travelling Stories

We have had the pleasure of being part of a fantastic project called Travelling Stories

Driggsby, A Whale’s Tale

  We are delighted to let you know that the exhibition for Driggsby, A Whale’s

Lockdown Art

During lockdown, we were sad to not be able to run our weekly sessions, but

Oh, What A Picture! The Day The Photographer Came

To celebrate life in our new home and to get some whizzy new pics for

Our New Home!

Prism Arts has a new home! We were delighted to move into new premises in

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