Street Art Visit

We had an incredible morning meeting artist Tymon de Laat and organisation Blank Wall Assassins to check out the latest piece of amazing street art being made in Carlisle.

“Blank Wall Assassins is a not for profit organisation whose vision is to inspire people through world class public art in Carlisle.  We believe that everyone should have access to meaningful cultural experiences, and we are driven by the belief that incredible art should not be confined to galleries and museums. Our aim is to create vibrant public spaces that engage communities and challenge perceptions through the integration of street art in our towns and cities. We believe that art and creativity is a catalyst to sustainability and our “one wall, one victory” motto is the driving force behind this project.” (more info here)

This collaboration began when local artist Martin Evans, who has a large street art piece in the city organised by Blank Wall Assassins, came to run two workshops as part of the Summer School, where sharing his passion and use of spray paints was a huge hit, in particular with two of our participant artists, Matt and Andrew.

Due to their interest, we arranged for Matt and Andrew to see the latest work being created. We began our trip with visiting a few of the street art pieces in the city, using the Blank Wall Assassins street art map.

We then went to see the work being created by Tymon de Laat, who talked to the guys about the process. Andrew even operated the lift to get a close up view of the piece, zooming up into the sky to learn first hand the ins and outs of using spray paint to create large scale street art.

We found them to be very welcoming and we gained a lot of insight from the visit. Tymon even gave our participant artists stickers of his artwork and exclusive signed spray cans.

Since the visit Matt and Andrew have continued their passion for street art and have been using spray paints in their work.

The artwork has recently been declared one of the world’s best by a street art community! (Read the news and star article here)

Big thank you to @tymondelaat and @blankwallassassins for having such passion in sharing their craft with us.

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