Michael Shepherd: Growing In Confidence & Creativity

A man smiling as he hand paints a large canvas

“Prism Arts has made Michael more confident to speak out and communicate with others”

Read Michael’s story of how his confidence, social relationships and creative opportunities have grown since joining Prism Arts, told by Michael Shepherd and his parents.


Michael Shepherd has worked with Prism Arts for over 5 years in projects around Cumbria, and even took part in our bespoke lockdown zoom sessions to continue his work despite restrictions.

A man smiling as he hand paints a large canvas

“Before joining the Prism group he was restricted by meeting with other young people of a similar age and ability” – Mr & Mrs Shepherd


It wasn’t until 2022, however, that he formally joined the arts collective Studio Focus in Carlisle. Since attending, Michael has enjoyed having so many creative opportunities to choose from:


“I like doing drawings, sketching, and making films and all the work at Carlisle. I like going on all the trips and learning new things. Including the visit to Merz Barn and Hadrian’s Wall” – Michael


Mr & Mrs Shepherd also noticed how enjoyable Michael has found his experience:

“Prism Arts provided an opportunity for Michael to enjoy the different forms of art in a warm friendly atmosphere. It has given Michael the chance to interact with his peers and staff in a subject that he is able to contribute with. Michael looks forward to the sessions and is keen to go as many times as he can.”

Michael has enjoyed the social aspect of Prism Arts from his years with us, and has enjoyed making new connections and maintaining old ones. He explains:


“I like meeting new friends there and talking about what we are doing now and into the future. I still enjoy speaking with all my friends at Distington and now in Carlisle” – Michael


“Prism Arts has made Michael more confident to speak out and communicate with others in a group that he enjoys in a pleasant and rewarding atmosphere. Michael embraces all aspects of the group enthusiastically and accepts each member as a friend and a colleague and accepts them all equally which must be driven from those at the helm of the organisation.” – Mr & Mrs Shepherd


Michael’s stop motion animation, created in Studio Focus


Michael is an extremely creative and focussed individual. He is a huge fan of all things railways, he is a keen model maker, and spends his spare time creating his own films depicting stories and narratives about trains which he posts on YouTube channel, “Shepper Studios Productions”.  He currently has 4k subscribers to his channel.


Below is one of Michael’s videos showing off his skill and confidence in direction and video editing:

“The confidence Michael has gained has allowed him to create his own videos, gain new skills in an application which has given him the confidence to do more. The knowledge and experience he has achieved is the conduit for more of the same, so who knows what he could achieve!” – Mr & Mrs Shepherd

You can see more of Michael’s work by checking out his Artist Gallery Page.

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