Katie Rudd: Thriving Post-Lockdown with Sellout Success


Meet Katie Rudd, a 27-year-old creative from Carlisle who, after facing social isolation in lockdown, embarked on a transformative artistic journey with Prism Arts. She is now a sellout artist in the Prism Shop and has gained ‘a sense of purpose’ after being ‘accepted unconditionally’ in the Prism Arts studio.


“Katie had been a Prism Artist for many years but, after the pandemic lockdowns had finished, she initially struggled to leave her home and return to the studio. So, we took Prism Arts to her.

The team did short workshops at her house to help her feel more comfortable around people again. When we started these sessions, they were short and would often just be staff saying hello. But as time went on it became part of Katie’s routine and she became more and more keen to create artwork.

It became a lovely part of everyone’s week creating work with Katie at home.  As Katie’s confidence and creative spark grew, she felt ready to join in the group sessions.

She now regularly attends two weekly studio and is a much-loved member of the groups.

– Rebecca, Participant Support Lead at Prism Arts.



Katie’s parents, Ian and Fiona, spoke of the role the creative workshops had in her improvement:

“Prism Arts has given her a sense of purpose. Katie is calmer and more settled now. Her approach within the group is improving all the time.

Katie has been accepted unconditionally as part of the group at Prism Arts, and her achievements celebrated which has really boosted her confidence. Activities are also tailored so she can explore her own strengths and interests, for example typography.”




The artist herself had this to say about her time working in the studio:

“I enjoy working with staff at Prism Arts. I have learned lots about drawing, writing and painting.”


Katie’s resilience and creativity has led to many fantastic pieces of artwork being produced in the studio. Her design, ‘Overflowing With Love For You’, was even used as a greetings card for the Prism Shop. It proved so popular that it sold out in just 3 days!

On launching the product, Katie remarked,

“I feel happy. I enjoyed packaging my work and I’m proud.”


Katie’s dad, Ian Rudd, added after sellout success:

“We are amazed and thrilled that the cards have sold out so quickly. The whole family is very proud.”



“The team hope Katie’s incredible success in the Prism Shop will help her to grow in confidence and take on even more creative challenges. We are incredibly excited to see where Katie’s skills and talents will take her next.”

– Rebecca, Participant Support Lead

You can find more artwork by Katie in her Artist Gallery Page and follow her journey by following Prism Arts on Instagram and Facebook.

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