Prism Arts Vision
Our vision is a society where everyone can create, access, engage, experience, and participate in excellent arts practice irrespective of age, ability or health.

Prism Arts Mission
Prism Arts’ mission is to create opportunities for people and artists facing barriers to engagement in the arts because of health, age or disability; to realise their full creative potential through active participation in, and exploration of, the arts.

Artistic Statement
Our goal is to develop and create diverse artists, who discover their voice and then develop the confidence to use it.  We, as professional artists, are excited by this collaboration.  We aim to develop perseverance, resilience, critical thinking and knowledge through challenging and inspirational projects.  By taking and sharing responsibility, we develop skills, confidence and professional practice.

 Prism Arts Vision for the future of the Charity:
By 2022, Prism Arts will be a resilient organisation with a strong future. We will be recognised by our stakeholders across Cumbria and the northern region (England) as an exemplar arts organisation delivering creative excellence in support of people facing barriers to engagement or participation in the arts.