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China: Through our eyes


Project Partner: Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust

Artform: Visual Art

Participants: Studio Arts

Prism Arts Studio Arts were commissioned by Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery to create an installation and exhibition inspired by Chinese culture and art. The installation was exhibited at Tullie House.

Inspired by both ancient and modern Chinese arts, artefacts and culture, Prism Arts Studio Arts’ participants created a body of work from a range of media and techniques such as paper sculpting, mask making, drawing, screen printing and textiles/embroidery.

Access to artefacts from the Tullie House collections and practical workshops from a Chinese language instructor provided excellent research opportunities and starting points for the group.

Alongside creating individual works, the group designed and created an installation. Inspired by traditional Chinese screens, work is hung on frames which have been designed by one of the Studio Arts participants, Harvey Tye, who was particularly interested in Chinese architecture.

Participants from Access Arts in Dumfries (part of Turning Point Scotland) were also engaged in the project. They have created a dragon sculpture as part of the exhibition.

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