Prism Arts Director: “I discovered I’m neurodivergent after 15 years at Prism Arts”

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024, Prism Arts is excited to celebrate our neurodivergent staff and artists who make Prism Arts such a passionate and talent-rich organisation.

This year, we share a story from Catherine Coulthard who is the strategic Director of Prism Arts, Carlisle.

She has been in the post for 15 years but was only diagnosed with Dyslexia in 2022.

“It was a bit of a shock – but totally made sense in so many ways” she said. “After a period of adjustment, I have learned to really embrace my diagnosis and am actually very proud of my achievements, as I had to work through challenging periods in the workplace without knowing why I was finding everything so difficult.”

She added, “ I am very lucky to be working with such a wonderful team of people and for an organisation that champions people with neurodivergent needs. At Prism Arts we currently employ 6 neurodivergent people. I believe this makes Prism a hugely positive place to work, adding enormous value to decision-making, delivery and management processes”.


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