Online Exhibition: Still Remote

Prism Arts are pleased to announce that we will be part of Art Gene‘s Still Remote online exhibition programme.

Still Remote is Art Gene’s latest digital programme curated by artist Sophie Lindsey. It will run throughout Spring 2024, sharing work from a group of 3 artists alongside a collection of work from Prism Arts, in a series of online exhibitions, events, and interventions.


For many of us, our daily lives have been taking place both on and offline for years. From how we plan and organise ourselves, to how we move through information and places, consume culture, and make connections. Digital technology is continually transforming how we work, play, and rest.

In 2020 this relationship was more extreme, as our physical lives shrank to inside our homes and our online lives accelerated exponentially. While the world responded to our shared circumstances, for some these barriers were nothing new. With remote working, online events, and income support schemes offering solutions many had been asking for for years, it demonstrated a short-term flexibility that previously seemed impossible.

Now, with in-person activities and events once again the norm, how are we navigating our on and offline lives, and what is this like for those who still need to be remote?

Through work that explores long distance collaboration, being on hold, and making with support, Still Remote is a reflection of our recent digital history and where this leaves us now.

With artists Aminder VirdeeAmy WrightGary-Martin, and a collection of artists from Prism Arts, this programme contemplates the different opportunities and barriers online spaces offer, and what this can continue to mean for creativity, collaboration, and access.


Still Remote marks the start of Art Gene’s partnerships with Prism Arts, an organisation that delivers art programmes that empower disabled artists in Cumbria. 



A series of webpages hosting toolkits, texts, sound, video work, and live screenings, will gradually go live between March – May 2024.

We will be working at a slower pace in this programme to allow artists to work responsively, prioritising their physical and mental wellbeing over project deadlines.

This means that specific dates will be released gradually so we can maintain a level of flexibility.

Elements from the exhibitions, and wider projects will be shared across Art Gene’s digital platforms. Follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out.

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