Social Workers / Carers

We welcome contact from social workers, support workers, parents and carers looking to access opportunities that meet the needs of the people they support.

How we work with our participants

Our work is person centred and outcomes based. Our work is creative, never static and supports individual development.
Our work is delivered in safe, accessible venues by trained, experienced artists and often with experienced support workers in attendance.

Participants were asked about the impact of our work in a review of Prism Arts:

  • 100% agreed that the activities on offer met their needs and were well organised
  • 97% agreed that sessions had improved their quality of life
  • 96% agreed sessions had improved their confidence
  • 100% agreed sessions had improved opportunities for social contact and reduced dependence on other services
  • 100% agreed attendance increased overall enjoyment of life and they had fun.

“All of the artists with Prism Arts are brilliant if I need any support they are there for me.” Cheryl Hickman

What to expect from Prism Arts services

Each project or programme of workshops is designed to meet the needs of the individual.
We only commission experienced professional artists.
Our artists and staff are DBS checked and have up to date first aid certificates.
We only ever deliver work in accessible, safe venues.

What do Prism Arts services cost?

Some of our services are free at point of delivery, some can be accessed for a minimal fee and some can be accessed via a personal budget.

Can participants bring a support worker or carer?

Yes, support workers and carers are always welcome.

Can Prism Arts come and meet us?

Yes, we can to come and meet groups or individuals who want to talk about their needs and our services. We attend school leaver reviews, social worker locality team meetings and can meet individuals with parents or carers or on a one to one basis.